Pan Amsterdam = Elevator Music, Vol. 1

"With guest spots from Open Mike Eagle & Iggy Pop, “Elevator Music” is a woozy EP of jazz-informed boom-bap."- Bandcamp New And Notable
Elevator Music Vol. 1 marks the first in a three-part series of EPs to be released this year on Def Pressé.  This first package of songs including collabs with Open Mike Eagle and Iggy Pop. Expect some more interesting appearances as the tale unfolds.

Like Pan Am said, 'I do like to get weird. And it all seems to get weirder'.

Mobile / 15 Seconds by Pan Amsterdam x Iggy Pop  Def Pressé 2019

“On this vinyl 45’s B-side the other half of MadWash, Malik Ameer Crumpler, serves as the producer of an excursion into slowly unfurling u-ground hip-hop, its strangeness bordering on the psychedelic.” –Vinyl District

“Flipping the 7” release is the brutally brilliant, 15 Seconds. Contrasting emotions of bitter/ sweet words then smoulder as the doo-wop styled harmony sings out a beautiful melody, amid forlorn, in the dead of night, Trumpet. Priceless.”- Magazine Sixty

“Iggy Pop waxes poetic about beef jerky and gas-station living on this taut, one-off collaboration with the experimental hip-hop musician.”-Bandcamp New & Notable

“Iggy’s lyrics here are primarily concerned with the gas station lifestyle, as he’s heard singing about Powerball tickets and beef jerky over Pan Am’s warping fusion of hip-hop and jazz.”-Consequence Of Sound

“Horn player and rhymesmith Pan Amsterdam (real name Leron Thomas) has just released this compelling abstract single that has Iggy dropping in seamingly form a gas station somewhere off the highway: “Two scratches, beef jerky and a Powerball.”-Brooklyn Vegan

“The B-side of that is “15 Seconds,” a deep cut produced by Madison Washington‘s Malik Ameer Crumpler. Both tracks will be part of the three-part digital EP series Elevator Music, featuring Pan Amsterdam & friends.” –The Find Magazine

” It does have a distinctly psychedelic things playing backwards vibe though so perhaps everything is revealed in a hidden message.”- Monkeyboxing

“Okay so Pan Amsterdam and Iggy Pop may not be the first collaboration that you would expect to hear, but neither of them have ever been one for following the status quo. Plus if it works, go for it.” –Gingerslim

“The b-side, 15 Seconds, sees  Malik Ameer Crumpler jump behind the boards, and Leron Thomas on trumpets.”- Bonafide Mag