Beautiful People

This cover of Beautiful People is my way of saying “Thank You” to Mark Pritchard and Thom Yorke. I never imagined covering a song on any of my recordings but I couldn’t help myself in this case. I remember being in Japan and getting the news that my grandmother had passed away so that information combined with the Japanese jet lag had me terribly disoriented. This song was a part of my everyday soundtrack at the time and the lyric “I’m running blind” never escaped me so this led me to build on that in one of the sections. In the original, not only were the lyrics strong but also the way they were able to execute this sonically, visually and emotionally. When I finally decided to cover this, I wanted to do an arrangement that was aligned with the trance I was put in when I first heard Beautiful People. The entire A Loveless Sunken Sun EP is dedicated to my grandmother but this song, specifically, is the one I send to her in the afterlife. – Corey King