Speak Your Truth gathers an international group of rappers, singers and musicians committed to ceaseless genre blending. There’s no braggadocio bars on this EP; instead, introspective and uplifting lyrics illustrate the often overlooked issues of everyday life. Heavily inspired by Golden Age Hip Hop, Deep House, improvisational Jazz and polite Funk, Tensei’s band recorded Speak Your Truth Live in studios across Canada and the midwest.

Daydream is the enchanting second single from Tensei’s upcoming EP ‘Speak Your Truth’ (Releasing July 14th) showcasing Emily Steinwall’s mesmerizing double bass and celestial flute improvisations atop a bembe of Caribbean rhythms. A bright and sultry summer banger in the tradition of Nora Jones lounging with Guru on a breezy afternoon. Tensei is the composer/producer/musician/beatmaker tandem of Chris Kramer & Midas Wells. Chicago based, they create eclectic compositions that fuse multiple styles through a Hip Hop lens. Speak Your Truth is a collection of collaborative works recorded over the last six months.

Last Dance is the irresistibly grooving first single from Tensei’s upcoming EP ‘Speak Your Truth’ (Releasing July 14th)

ADaD is a Chicago based rapper whose lyrics strive to maintain the Golden Era tradition by concentrating on the honest, broken truths of humanity.

Crl Crrll is a Denver bred singer/rapper/beat-maker who’s licensed music with Red Bull Sound Select, Red Bull Music Academy and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Crl Crrll has also performed with Anderson .Paak, Sango, Washed Out, Broods, Xiavier, Tokimonsta, and Jamie XX.

“SMOKE IT OUT” is an homage to the everyday dreamer, working a 9-5 to get through a day where nothing is going right. Tensei sets a lush, bass-heavy electric landscape for ADaD to tell his tale. An aspiring rapper who’s never done anything to make his dreams come true gets fired from his job, almost attacks his boss but doesn’t have the balls to tell his girl what happened. He stays out all day wandering around the city getting high to avoid telling the truth, only to finally go home and find out what it’s like when your girl truly has your back.

Tensei (“Heaven Star” in Japanese) is the composer/ producer/ tandem of Chris Kramer & Midas Wells. The Chicago duo have a vast wealth of influences including: Hip Hop, House, Soul, Jazz, library & electronic music. They create eclectic compositions that fuse many different styles using mostly their own instrumentation and samples sourced from their musical collaborators. They play and compose most musical parts themselves.

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