Pan Amsterdam


We really don’t know where exactly Pan Amsterdam comes from. He was found washed up on the coast of Miami, Florida in a state of apparent amnesia. However, we’ve been able to compile some information on him and we’re very close to connecting some of the dots…

When Pan Amsterdam washed up on the coast, he was wearing an oversized black velvet blazer, black jeans and two different coloured Church Socks. Further along the shore, we found a trumpet case WITH an vintage trumpet inside. In the case’s side zipper, we found a mouthpiece and valve oil for the horn along with a badly damaged external hard drive baring one piece of ducktape. Written on the tape were the words, “Elevator Music”.

Pan Amsterdam must have been unconscious on the coast for 22hrs before he was discovered by none other than rock icon and “Godfather of Punk”, Iggy Pop. After Iggy revived Pan Am, his first words as recalled by Iggy were, “Washgood, put me on Plus One”. He further went on to say his name was Pan Amsterdam and even though “Calvin got a job”, he didn’t want the job Calvin had.

Nonetheless, Pan Am is clearly from the U.S. because he has a North Eastern American accent. Although we haven’t been able to pinpoint it, the accent sounds like a cross between Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Jersey.

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