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Singles – Hip Hop & Trap – Issue 589


Jazz News France

Jazz News France

‘Plus One’ by Unofficial: Pan Amsterdam, BBC Radio 6 Music Recommends 21.05.2018


We really don’t know exactly where Pan Amsterdam comes from. He was found on the coast of Miami, Florida in a state of apparent amnesia. However, we’ve been able to compile some information on him though we are still some way from connecting all of the dots…When Pan Amsterdam washed up on the coast, he was wearing an oversized black velvet jacket with a cigarette burn, black jeans and two different coloured church socks. Further along the coast, we found a trumpet case WITH a trumpet inside of it, in the case’s side zipper there was a mouthpiece, valve oil for the horn, and a drive with masking tape on. As for why Pan Am was found at sea we don’t fully know. Most recently we are investigating a tip-off that a Jazz trumpet player was lost at sea, having jumped ship from a Neo-Soul, Smooth Jazz cruise….. 

Pan Amsterdam DJ MAG 8.5

Landlord Elijah Re-Do With Mr.Shn

One of the highlights from PA’s astonishing ‘Pocket Watch’ set here gets a supremely twisted re-rub from Mr Shn. Two twelves are coming out — the original is still the swishiest slo-mo Premo-laden radiant funk revelation, but Mr Shn’s reimagining populates the track’s pensive spaces with even more space, a hollowed out cosmic vibe suddenly skewered by sighing chorales, trippy, squishy synths and stereo-strafing reverbed snare hits. Tasty.

“One of the best horn players around today”- Iggy Pop

“Like Son of Sam, Thatmanmonkz’s production has live feel, cemented by juicy horn licks, and bubbling throughout is Pan Am’s deadpan, arresting delivery. Iggy Pop’s a big fan. Iggy knows.” –THE WIRE

Surreal, absurd, abstract, shot through with a E.E. Cummings sense of the vibrant and a Le Guin style cosmic abstrusness”. DJ MAG