Nap Amsterclam


Headz & Beatz  Barber Shop, notorious for their discount haircuts with a side of potato salad & a half slab of ribs (if you share the barbers’ mixtape with nine other people) is where Nap Amsterclam’s made a name for himself, at his chair. Prior to cutting hair, Nap worked the Fry station at Jack ‘N The Box. Unfortunately, he was terminated for allegedly stealing $20 out of the cash register, and mocking up a thousand dollars in over-rings. Always resilient, Amsterclam took this set back as an opportunity to turn his life around. Taking the advice of his younger brother, West Little York (another MC) Nap returned to rapping, reactivating his glory days, freestyling in the high-school cafeteria & selling mixtapes. Last year, when Pan Amsterdam performed at Houston’s House Of Blues with Open Mike EagleWest Little York slid Nap’s mixtape to Pan Amsterdam, who subsequently invited Nap to rock with him on Golden Ticket