Madison Washington

Plantation Earth/Divine Frankensteins Def Pressé 2019

“A global collaboration results in funky, fantastic, and historically significant hip-hop.”- Bandcamp

PLANTATION EARTH avec The Abolitionists directed by Malik Ameer Crumpler edited by Anaïs P.

Divine Frankensteins feat. Nicole Goodwin directed by Malik Ameer Crumpler edited by Anaïs P.

NOW AVAILABLE= Madison Washington x The Abolitionists - Plantation Earth/Divine Frankensteins

“BBC 6 Music Recommends Spotify Playlist ”  22. 02. 2019

Tom Ravenscroft with BBC6 RECOMMENDS  

“…this one’s called Plantation Earth. It’s a bit rad… The B-side’s also really good, it’s called Divine Frankensteins.”Tom Ravenscroft BBC6

“A global collaboration results in funky, fantastic, and historically significant hip-hop.” Bandcamp

“A superb two-tracker! Peep the videos above and stream below – you won’t regret it!” –TWISTEDSOULMUSIC

“…this is the fourth single to be taken from debut LP Facts and once again makes powerful use of vintage footage on the videos. “-MONKEYBOXING

“A double hitter from Madison Washington, as they bless us with two new videos.” –Gingerslim

“On rewind this morning” –JamieGroovement 


“We’re loving the latest single from Madison Washington, the hip-hop duo from New York & Sheffield. It’s a cut from their album ((((FACTS)))) released last October (which is also essential listening).”-likeTHIS



THE SUNDAY TRIBUNE: SEEKING THE TRUTH features Divine Frankensteins


“To restate sentiments from my earlier short review, it’s some of the best hip-hop I’ve heard in a long time.” –The Vinyl District Best Of 2018

“…This is a true golden age for Hip Hop.” –THE WIRE Best Hip Hop Of 2018Let this keep you warm all winter. As good as the Coup, seriously.”INCREDIBLE KULK BEST OF 2018 PART 2: THE YEAR IN HIP HOP

“What a glorious, hysterical, fun, funky, fantastic record this is…a suite of utterly engrossing funk and jazzed out abstraction-old sources but emerging as hugely fresh and delicious throughout, finessed to be just on the edge of being totally our of control.” –THE WIRE

“This NYC-UK duo’s “Code Switchin’” EP from last year was solid, but here is a major leap forward and one of the best hip-hop full-lengths (available on 2LP) that I’ve heard in quite a while.”-The Vinyl District

“Thatmanmonkz and Malik Ameer have joined forces to create one of the year’s most thoughtful and outspoken hip-hop albums…Facts, a fantastic full-length excursion that expands the pair’s musical repertoire far beyond the golden era beats that first inspired their working partnership.” –International Dj Mag

“One of my albums of the year! big it up! Great album really in the now lyrically & sonically. Such a great project, people should definitely not sleep on this one! (((((FACTS)))))”-DJ Jay Scarlett,   PULS Radio, München

“A wildly inventive new record from Malik Ameer & producer/DJ Thatmanmonkz inspired by the historical Madison Washington (who led the first and only successful slave rebellion in the U.S.) Brilliant stuff!” -TwistedSoul

((((FACTS)))) serves two ends: it’s a thumbnail history of the sound of ‘90s hip-hop, with both coasts equally represented, and an incisive look at the cultures that created it—and the current forces that are making it harder for those artistic cultures to survive.” –Bandcamp Daily “This Week’s Essential Releases”

27 novembreAlbum Of The Week comes from Madison Washington.” –Twisted Soul Music

“Now, following the single release of the title track, along with Baytrified and No Cliche, the full double LP is finally here. And it doesn’t pull any punches.”-Monkeyboxing

“Far from your typical hip hop release, Mad Wash’s album carries an overarching narrative exploring modern day slavery, inspired by the historical figure of Madison Washington, instigator of the largest slave revolt in history. Malik Ameer takes on the role of mouthpiece for this brave, timely and vital album.” –Groovement

“…there are plenty of slick lines on here.”-Grown Up Rap

“One way or another the US-to-UK pair are gonna light a fire under you with their outpouring of ideas.” –Monolith Cocktail/ Rapture & Verse

“Getting Christmassy revisiting the immense  by  – superb set of songs imho. Flippin loving new  album   title track   whole thing a treat ;)” – DJ NEMONE BBC6

“Now they return with a politically and socially charged full length album, accompanied by a band of poets and artists, as they attempt to look at the idea of modern day slavery.”-GINGERSLIM

“((((FACTS)))))  – walks the line of rap and poetry.”-COLD LIPS ONLINE


No Cliché (feat. A Brother Is…) 

Tom Ravenscroft BBC6 Recommends NO CLICHE

‘No Cliché’ sums up their sound perfectly: jazzy, mellow beats laced with excellently matched lyricism.” –DJ MAG (Artist Top 10 Gingerslim)

“…it’s another great track from UK/US duo, Madison Washington, as they return with No Cliché… a ballad inspired by that selfless act, but without falling into the cliché trap.”- Gingerslim

“Anyway, this one’s chilled beat and falsetto harmonies (from the mysterious A Brother Is…warbling away in the background with his newfangled name) is certainly one to get your significant other onside, and for that reason alone is not to be sniffed at.”- Monkeyboxing

“Always cool stuff coming from Madison Washington, and this is the new one, it’s damn fine, Love it…” –Simone @ Naked Lunch Soho Radio

“Madison Washington continue their hot streak with the laidback ‘No Cliché’, an after-party groove with the right amount of nous behind it.” –Rapture & Verse

“The next single from NY/Sheffield duo Malik Ameer and Thatmanmonkz, better known as Madison Washington, is entitled No Cliché.” –

Beneath The Underground: Collected Raps 2000-2018

Black Nerd Problems review of Beneath The Underground: Collected Raps 2000-2018

Beyond The Margin Article & brief review of Beneath The Underground: Collected Raps 2000-2018

DJ MAG review of Beneath The Underground: Collected Raps 2000-2018

“…They’re kind of channeling a psychadelic element, great track…” –Nemone BBC6

“…Baytrified’s Pfunk groove sits beneath scathing lyrics that document the history of the Bay Area from its immigrant beginnings to its current gentrification.” –JDP @ Buzz Magazine Wales

“Check out “Baytrified” a funkstrong tribute to ole school Oakland. Local poet/MC  shares his family’s history, the rich culture & inspiring movements birthed in this community and the many changes as of late. Dope video to match! “- DJ Moni of NuYorktricity

“…Brand new track from Madison Washington partly American, partly British, really good combination Hip Hop with some crazy Max Roach samples in that…”-Gilles Peterson WorldwideFM

“BAYTRIFIED is an impressive funk-flavored new hip hop track by Madison Washington featuring JTOTHEC on Def Pressé” –Akahti Magazine

“This cut sees Malik once again using his platform to do more than just hype a crowd… Consequently, Malik spits with his brand of poetic venom”- Itchysilk

“I got a new chunk of  on the show tmro and it’s funky like  and u need it in ur ears . Check into  12-2pm ” –Simone Marie Naked Lunch Soho Radio

“Combined with thatmanmonkz’s production, the track sounds like George Clinton meets Gil Scott Heron in all the best ways.” –GingerSlim

” Gahh – bloody hipsters – they’re everywhere. No wonder the beat is a weird off-kilter affair based around a drum loop with a time signature lurch within the drum loop and falsetto P-Funk wailing.” –Monkeyboxing

“Awash with the funk, it recalls George Clinton both in production (courtesy of the other half, Sheffield’s thatmanmonkz) plus keys and vocals from Belgian soul maestro JTOTHEC, as its lyrics address the gentrification of the area.” –Groovement 

“Check this out, it’s awesome… We love that, if you’re out there.”- Simone Marie Naked Lunch, Soho Radio

“Very very decent Hip Hop…” Cherrie Flava @ Soho Radio

“‘Facts’ is rugged and fuzzy as fuck, the vocals double-tracked until they reach a genuinely New Kingdom-esque pitch of groggy madness, the beats hitting those same divine pleasure-centers that the Son Of Sam album so thoroughly ravaged this year…”- DJ MAG

“And so it is that Malik spits venom over relentless rock guitar-laced boom-bap and whooping sirens about all those Facts that get lost or doubted amid a welter of fake news or hit with a D notice or branded paranoia. Until, a leak gets into the press.” – 


International DJ Magazine Winter 2018 (That Man Monkz)



[PANK] avec Christian Niedan (NYC)

French Fried #2 avec Robert Hoehn (PARIS)

(Robert Hoehn’s interview with Malik begins at around 44:00 =Amerikkkan Poets LIVE)
RADIO PRIMITIVE (Rheims, France 2017)  

 So Close To Epiphany (What The Hell Are Writers Doing?) PARIS 2017 with Katherine Chan  WORLD RADIO PARIS  (PARIS 2017)  BLYNKT Podcast = Episode 30- (BERLIN 2017)  photo by Scott Benedict ON-POINT interviews Madison Washington – (BRUSSELS 2016)  logo TALKING PAPER SERIES – (NYC 2016) 

Code Switchin’ EP (Def Presse 2017)

Gilles Peterson’s WorldWide FM‘s JULY 2017 TOP TEN

“Code Switchin showcases beats from the tailored UK producer that man monkz who has worked with names like Eric Rico and Toddla T. Like all the best concept projects, Code Switchin stands out from a sea of inept white noise.  In fact, with its nod to old skool sensibilities it is the verbals that shine in Code Switchin. Of course, we know that rap and poetry are synergic disciplines. With the Paris based wordsmith Malik, the synergies are glaring. His slightly gravely vocals reminiscent of Wu Tang in their pomp blare out in gorgeous tailored syntax.”-Itchy Silk 

“New York-Yorkshire monopoly Madison Washington show the power of non-conformity on the ‘Code Switchin’ EP, a half dozen shake up where Malik Ameer and thatmanmonkz keep their cool when mixing rolling funk and flows, and creating scenes with arch alchemy.” –Rapture & Verse

“On Madison Washington’s distinctive ‘Code Switchin’, Malik Ameer is on wheat/chaff sorting duties with a gravelled larynx unafraid to put it on the Ritz, with thatmanmonkz planing down a double bass on the boards until it’s dagger sharp. ” –Monolith Cocktail

Rating=9.0 Hip Hop Single Of The Month “…If you’ve not got ‘Code Switchin” yet consider it an essential part of your exit-pass from 2017. Superb.” –DJ MAG October 2017