3 Years (Live Version) new single/ video from Corey King


3 Years has a number of layers within itself but the main thing it’s about is my brother going away to prison for 3 years when I was a teenager and the effect that had on my mother”.–Corey

This is a Live Version of the song which first appeared on Corey’s recent record, A Loveless Sunken Sun. It was recorded one day in Corey’s studio in NYC. We felt this version should be released as it shows a different side than the studio version. Has been supported by BBC 6 MusicHype BeastBrooklyn VeganComplex and more.

 “The new single, “3 Years“, a soulful, entrancing, immersive feat of multi-faceted creativity. Like the rest of the album, “3 Years” was written mostly at his base in Brooklyn, NY, as well as on tour. The seven tracks that came from that continue the indie sound he started with, but into that, he’s woven KrautrockAfrobeats and Soul Music for a mellow but potent piece of music” –COMPLEX